Back in March 2019, we were asked to come along and create a promotional video for Aesthetics 53. The video was to be shown at the local Ladies Night as a way to show botox injections are carried out and to promote the business to all the ladies who were there on the night.

Our gear was simple, one camera, one tripod, one light, and one microphone. Keeping it simple was the best way to approach this particular project as there was no need for multiple angles and there was already plenty of light. Our plan was simple, follow the procedure from beginning to end and try not to get in the way too much. We started rolling from the initial consultation and finished as the final steps of the procedure were done. We then captured some b-roll footage of the room and the waiting room to use as the opening to the video.

Once all the footage was gathered it was a pretty straight forward process of piecing it all together using Premiere Pro and adding a backing track. You can check out the finished video here.