Moortown GAC App Design Concept

I challenged myself recently with a little design project. I don’t really fancy myself as much of a designer so I figured I should get some  practice in and start to challenge myself to get better.

I didn’t really know where to start and I found myself scrolling through my football clubs app and thought “why not create a new design for this”. The app itself is great and includes all the basic information the club needs to share, but after a little bit of scrolling with my UI/UX hat on, I started to think that there is so much more this app could be capable off.

This is not me being an egotistical maniac and thinking that I can do everything better than everyone, I promise it’s not; but I thought that with a little bit of thought behind the content and the design that this app could be so much more user friendly and usefull.

Current Splash Screen

Concept Splash Screen

I started off by looking up apps for football clubs and found that they were mainly soccer clubs but this gave me an idea of what kind of pages of content were included. I created a pinterest board and collected some ideas for the design and some UI kits that would help me create the design. I downloaded one of the UI Kits and eventually used small pieces of it when I was designing the app

I decided on the pages I was going to create and jumped straight into photoshop. Using the UI kit I downloaded I pieced together small components to create each page. This meant that all the elements had a similar feel which enhances the users experience. I used artboards to keep each page seperate (this would also help later when creating the prototype). In hindsight I should have started on paper and sketched out my design as I changed my mind millions of times and would have been a lot easier in the long run if it was on pen and paper to begin with.

Next step was to open my design in Adobe XD and starting creating the links between the pages in order to create a clickable prototype. I had never used Adobe XD before so it was a bit of a learning curve but I got there eventually.

Now that it’s all linked together I recorded the finished prototpye. You can check it out below. I’ll also add in the images of each page

Once again, the current app is perfectly fine, I just wanted to challenge myself and try to get better at a skill that I don’t really have the much practice in. Hope Y’all like it 🙂